Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sri Lanka's latest Leadership Training Programme

Stewart Sloan

(June 07, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardian) You have to hand it to the Sri Lankan government; it is always on the lookout for different ways and means to make the young people of the country more versatile and competitive in the world around them. In this latest scheme young Sri Lankan girls at a government sponsored training camp were made to watch nude and semi nude cabaret artists in order to overcome their own fear and embarrassment of nudity.

What was not mentioned in the article was what the author has learned from a reliable source: that the passing out parade, which will be held in front of the proud parents, the media and representatives of the government, will be a topless affair.

Yes, Dear Readers that is correct. The forty young ladies currently attending the Leadership Training programme, some of Sri Lanka's brightest, and most well-endowed young women, will let their puppies* out for their country.

If I wore a hat I would be taking it off to President Rajapakse right now. No other leader in the history of the world has ever come up with such a diversity of training schemes. It speaks volumes about the level of his commitment to ensuring that the international community keeps their eyes on the country (and off its human rights problems) which has produced its fair share of beauty queens such as Piyumie Shanika, Aruni Rajapakse, Jacqueline Fernandez and the one and only Rosy Senanayake. And of course, even if they don't do well enough in the programme to pass the final exam, I am sure that Mr. Rajapakse, being the fair minded person that he is, will offer the ladies an air conditioned room with internet access in which to sit their papers. It is the least he can do. After all, he did it for his son.

*American slang for breasts

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