Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stewart Sloan -- Editorial Assistant

Why am I proud of my work as an editor for the Asian Human Rights Commission? That is because I turned this:

All social securities program really good, timely and epoch-making initiative which is taken by the government. Already formatted a full committee under the Economic minister (others members of the committee taken different minister from deferens ministry) and formatted advisory committee. Formatted others committee as like district committee, sub-district committee and union level committee. Union committee’s job is allowance holder scrutinize. Here conducting corruption when allowance holder scrutinized by the union council chairman and members.

Into this:

All social security programmes that are worthwhile, timely and epoch-making that are taken by the government require the establishment of a full committee under the Economic Minister (others members of the committee may be taken from deferent ministries). This committee, like district committees, sub-district committees and union level committee should scrutinize any incidents or allegations of corruption.

Why do I feel at times that my little remaining hair is turning grey? That is because of this:

Before the shooting incident, members of the TNI make issue that Kiemen Basik's naked body was in the shower with mud and headed to his home (this tradition was believed by local people as an action to learn black magic), then also there is the issue that Kiemen would attack military post.

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