Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crocodile parks -- eco-tourism and garbage disposal

by Stewart Crocoloanian

(June 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The government of Mahinda Rajapakse has outdone itself once again by combining eco-tourism and garbage disposal all in one fell swoop.

The soon-to-be-opened Crocodile Park just south of Negombo will be, ostensibly, to promote eco-tourism but the wily intelligentsia at Templetrees has another aim in mind for the denizens of the park -- garbage disposal! And what better way of getting rid of unwanted dissidents than to feed them to a dozen or so hungry crocodiles.

About fifteen years ago a zoo located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in the south of the Peoples' Republic of China came up with a great idea to bring in customers. When it was time to feed the tigers they sold live chickens to the tourists who came to visit. The resulting carnage ended up in a huge profit for the zoo and a huge down turn in the international community's opinion of the PRC.

Will, we must ask, Rajapakse sell off unwanted dissidents to the tourists, local or international to increase sales? We await, as I am sure the crocs do too, with baited breath!

In the meantime, another interesting point is as to where these crocodiles will come from. An article published in the Sri Lankan press states that they will be captured from the Gin and Nilwala rivers and 'released' into the park. Only a mind like that of Mahinda Rajapakse could come up with the concept of taking an animal out of its natural habitat and 'releasing' it into the controlled environment of a park.

Well done Templetrees! Thank you for the endless entertainment you provide.

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