Friday, March 25, 2016

The Monkey Dynasty

This story was written by Sze Long Cheung, a P4 student with a brilliant imagination.

Beijing fell. One by one, the citizens of the city fled, screaming and kicking at the furry monkey warriors. And after some time they made the journey down to Shanghai.

“Emperor Yang! Beijing has fallen and they are marching towards Shanghai!” The guard explained to the emperor.

“Chi Yang! Haven’t I told you a million times before to not bother me? Next time, I’ll have you beheaded!”

Chi Yang sighed. That emperor was always like this. But he wasn’t going to give up yet. Fiercely and firmly, he faced the emperor.

“Emperor! If you don’t listen to me and get rid of those fuzzy furballs, then this dynasty will come to a terrible end!”

Oops. That was a bad move. The emperor looked like he was going to explode out of the window.

“CHIII YANGGG! How dare you tell me my kingdom will come to an end just because of those useless furballs! I should have your head stuck on a pike in front of the palace! Guards! Throw him in the dungeons!”

The guards wrestled him to the ground! “Stop!” he giggled. They didn’t know that he was ticklish? Eventually he lost consciousness.

Chi Yang regained consciousness to find himself imprisoned in a dark, humid place. He gazed around the gloomy cell. The guards who imprisoned him stood next to the rusty metal bars, cackling wildly. “The emperor’s gonna behead him. We can steal all his money!” They laughed.

“If only his majesty will let us,” another teased.

Chi Yang watched sadly. All he wanted was for the kingdom to survive. But now, he was just an old prisoner, waiting to be executed. He stuck his filthy hands into his pockets. He felt something. Something really crumpled. He slowly took it out. What on earth was it? But what he only saw was a note. As he unfolded it, a hologram appeared on top of the note. It showed the monkeys celebrating their victory over Beijing. But there was one monkey happier than all the others. As he peered closely, he saw a tiny little crown with the words ‘The Monkey King.’

Chi Yang was filled with fury. With a hand, he swooped across the hologram, trying to punch the celebrity monkey. Suddenly, his hand disappeared into the hologram! And before he knew it, Chi Yang found himself in a magical vortex of stars...

After what seemed like a billion years, the vortex stopped spinning. Chi Yang found himself on a piece of dry land, with only nothing, nothing and nothing. He looked down at his clothes. At least they were there. But that was all he had. His ragged, torn clothes. Out of nowhere, he remembered the note. Was it still there? He stuffed his hands into his pockets. And there it was, unharmed but soaking wet. Wet!? Well, maybe the vortex caused it. Or the stars. Or the imaginary rain. I guess I’ll never know, he thought.

Unfolding the note, he spotted a sign. It read: “Welcome to Monkeygolia. All may go in, but few will come out!”

Chi Yang shivered. He knew what this meant. He racked his brain to remember this. In 1352, he was studying riddles and codes. He found a coffee-stained scroll in Monkeygolia with this exact saying (A perfect pair!) and its meaning. People must respect the monkey king, help him and complete an impossible challenge. “Noooooo!!!! Chi Yang cried. He would never help the furballs conquer his own home. Holding the note firmer, he marched down the way of the Monkey kingdom.

Half through his journey to the north disaster struck. Suddenly 18 monkeys equipped with expensive armour Attacked Chi Yang! Frightened, he froze like a cooked duck, Unwilling to fight.

“You come with me!” Squeaked the first monkey, that seemed to be the leader of the pesky group. The rest of the monkeys nodded.

Chi Yang unfroze. If they took him to the city, he could secretly destroy it!

“Okay,” agreed Chi Yang. “Just don’t eat me!”

The head monkey shot him a look. “Who made you think we will eat you, the servant? Ha ha ha!”

Chi Yang sighed. “I’ll come with you.”

Surprisingly, the monkey’s attention was not on Chi Yang but on a newspaper shop!

They crowded around the shop to get one for five shiny, golden Monkepounds.

Chi Yang secretly peered over the monkeys heads to see what on earth was so monkey-attractive when he knew he shouldn’t be. The headlines flashed: Monkey Kingdom conquers Shanghai! Chinese emperor flees toward Shen Zhen!

He wanted to scream. He wanted to cry. He wanted to kick the emperor for not listening to his warning. Still, he pretended not to notice so the furballs so that they wouldn’t realise his plan to kill the monkey king. What a tragedy!    
It was only 10 Kilometers till Chi Yang reached the still-celebrating Monkey City. But the journey was not going well. The pesky annoying monkeys teased, frightened, and kicked Chi Yang. He didn’t even get a short chance to pull out the note. Poor Chi Yang! And what a bunch of monkeys! Still, Chi Yang fought dehydration, hunger, and EQ problems. But he didn’t give up.

“Fight to the end,” Chi Yang thought. “Make a difference. You are the one who will end this Monkey-Human War!”

As the thoughts raced around his mind, he laid upon the carpet as the monkeys escorted him into the palace.

The moment Chi Yang was in the fortress city, he sobbed secretly. “I’m afraid,” he whispered to himself. And there was no more time to think or say more. An enormous golden gong sat right in front of him but Chi Yang could only stare at it, amazed. Just then, a monkey marched in front of the gigantic gong. That gong was a hundred times the size of the monkey. Unbelievably, the monkey smashed the gong with all its might, and out came a distracting, super loud gong sound which alerted the whole city. The citizens of the city, however, were not as smart as the next city. The citizens sprinted around screaming: “Fire drill! Lockdown! Brace yourselves!”

Even the guards themselves were not the smartest monkey on the block. They tried to calm them down, but individually! It would take them hours! On the other hand, smart Chi Yang found the opportunity to escape. As fast as a light, he sprinted across the city, crossing shops and lakes. With his fear, he forgot that he wanted to assassinate the king! Wow!

The guards turned. When they saw Chi Yang fleeing the city, they ran after him, yelling: “Get him!” When Chi Yang was running for his dear life, he noticed that a ray of light shone from the note. He unfolded it and up came the hologram of the dungeon. Just then, a weary monkey leapt towards him.

Would Chi Yang escape in time to live?  

Chi Yang tumbles down to the dungeon. He was reaching out for the note when something caught his eye. The dungeon was open, the guards were dead. Chi Yang panicked. What caused this? He trembled. As he tip-toed outside, his heart beat a million miles a minute.
He had a look outside. The monkeys were there, celebrating the defeat of China. Chi Yang couldn’t bear to look at the greedy monkeys. He just stayed in the dungeon; and thus ended the illustrious Ming Dynasty.