Saturday, December 19, 2015

One of my best students, Jayden Yiu, presented me with these two poems. I'm delighted to post them on my Blog.

Going Home

I walk down the street
as the rain pours down
My clothes are all wet
as it was raining like
the world would drown

I ran without an umbrella with everyone staring at
I ran fast and crazy
like an insane warrior

Why does it have to
rain when I go walking
on the street
I would rather eat an entire farm of
purple, distgusting beets!!!!

The Exams and Beyond...

I squiggle and squirm
when I hear “exam”
All that studying
makes my brain jam

My classmates can still
go out and play like a boss
on a throne
But what can I do
when I’m sitting on my chair
facing my textbook and all alone

Everyone hates exams
and so do I
Why did someone invent
a stupid thing like this
Why? WHY? WHY!?!?

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