Friday, February 23, 2007


A fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula from my teens it was always my ambition to write the quintessential Hong Kong vampire novel. Temutma was co-written with Rebecca Bradley and published by Asia 2000 Ltd; a company I did not share a happy relationship with. It was translated into German and is now sold, without authorization, as an audio book in Germany.

After years of slumber Temuta awakens to an ever changing world; his resting place destroyed by 'progress' he seeks out new victims on which to slake his thirst.



This is just to let you know about another of my books, The Isle of the Rat.

I consider the Isle of the Rat the most interesting thing I have done. Set in the New Territories of Hong Kong in 1908 the research into period, dress, mannerisms and the society of the era taught me more about the former British colony than I thought possible. It was also published by Hong Kong Horrors in 1994.

Three friends go to an island off the eastern coast of the New Territories to set up a bird watching camp. In the night they are overcome by a vengeful spirit. Two of the die horribly and the third is found in the morning a raving lunatic.