Friday, January 18, 2013

The Execution of Rizana Nafeek

The day following the execution by beheading of Rizana Nafeek I sent this message to the Saudi Arabian Consulate General in Hong Kong. Not surprisingly I didn't get a reply.

Attn: Hammad G. M. Al Rowaily, Consul General,

I write to you with a heavy heart, lamenting the barbaric execution of a young women who was a child at the time her alleged offense took place.

Saudi Arabia has ignored international norms and standards regarding the correct treatment of underaged offenders once again in beheading this girl whose only crime was wanting to earn money to support her impoverished family.

One day soon your oil will run out and Saudi Arabia will revert to what it was over a hundred years ago, a country of nomadic barbarians fighting for the scraps off each other's tables. I pray that I will live long enough to see that day. You deserve nothing less.

JS Sloan

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