Monday, February 21, 2011

Little White Lies

By Stewart Sloan (Written after a fun afternoon with the Hong Kong Immigration Department)

Do you remember a time when
As a child we automatically believed and respected
Anything told to us by an adult, or
A person in uniform?

Adults didn't lie, did they?
Policemen and firemen, the Gods of my youth
NEVER lied, did they?
Of course not!

It was just, well,
They didn't always tell the whole truth.
Sometimes it was just easier to tell a little white lie,
Or a fib.

No real harm done;
No one would be hurt, would they?
And everyone could just get on
With what they were doing.

Naivety dictates that I believe anyone in authority.
If a policeman tells me it is safe to cross the road,
Or a fireman tells me it is safe to re-enter the building,
Or a person from immigration tells me to do something......

....I believe them, wouldn't you?

Because people in authority wouldn't intentionally hurt us.
But under the uniforms they are just people.
People who are tired and want to go home to their families and
A little while lie helps them to get there sooner rather than later.

So, yes they do tell little while lies
And yes, it does cause harm
Perhaps not insurmountable harm but
Harm nonetheless.

And we have to put our trust in these people.........

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