Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Poems for Airyn

tewart Sloan
Stewart Sloan

I wish I could tell You that we live
in a farie tale world.
I wish I could tell you that we will
be happy ever after.
I wish so many things for you, but
we must both realise that we live
in an imperfect world.

We live in a world where
women and children are raped
and sold into slavery.
We live in a world where men
are tortured and murdered but the very governments
they elected.
We live in a world where
unspeakable things happen to
the best of us. But,
seemingly, never to the worst.

But we, you and I, live and love.
Yes, we will have arguments over stupid things,
petty things. Arguments over important things.
In any human relationship this
cannot be avoided. It will happen!

But we must NEVER let the sun go down on our anger!

Stewart Sloan

When I was in pain
My love came to me.
Not from a great distance in miles
But on a great journey of commitment

Tired from a day's work
At a time when she should
Have been resting and eating her food
She came to me.

My Love came to me
To sooth my pain
With gentle, warm hands
Soft words and strong balms

She came to me
To sooth away my fever
To comfort me at a time
When I needed Her love.

My Love came to me.........
For only moments
With a care and love
That will echo for years.

Stewart Sloan
Read by our Hong Kong Correspondent

Hong Kong Sunday, 16 January 2011

Typhoons struck Hong Kong yesterday!
Two, in fact,
Fortunately the brunt of the
Storms were concentrated
On the area known as Sloansville.

The first arrived early in
The morning and struck the kitchen,
A disaster area at the best of times;
A potential health hazard.
The typhoon left nothing by
Gleaming dishes and shinning pots
In her wake.

Shortly following, the second typhoon hit the fridge
And larder.
Where there had been left over food
And emptiness
She left in her wake a surfeit
Of largess

Then the two storms merged and
Struck the remainder of the house.
They attacked without mercy!
And where there had been loneliness and desolation
They left only cleanliness, love and happiness, and
The knowledge of a wonderful future to come.

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